Fees & Insurance

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There are important considerations if you are thinking about using insurance for therapy.  Insurance companies only cover certain diagnosis and aspects of therapy that they deem “medically necessary.”  At a minimum I will need to submit information about your diagnosis, appointments and treatment for them to consider if they will cover your office visit.  Information provided to insurance companies will become part of their company records.

Many clients choose to not utilize insurance in order to have more flexibility and autonomy when determining who they would like to see for treatment and to maintain a higher level of privacy.

For some clients utilizing insurance often makes sense and has financial advantages depending on your particular situation.  To maximize the use of insurance, you will usually pay less to see an “in-network” provider. 

Many insurance companies also have “out of network” benefits that allow you more freedom to choose a provider.  It is always best if you contact your insurance company about the particulars of your plan.  It is good to ask about:  mental health benefits, co-pay, deductible, out of network benefits, need for referral or authorization for treatment.

I am a preferred provider with the following insurance companies:

BlueCross BlueShield / Anthem Blue Cross / Regence



If you do not see your insurance listed, please contact me for the most current information.  Also note that I also work with clients out of network.

Standard Fees are 180.00 for a 45 minute consultation & 270.00 for an initial consultation.

Please see the Consent & Office Policies Form for additional information regarding fees, insurance and confidentiality.

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